Monday, October 3, 2011

Long travel day to Bodrum, Denzili and Pamukkale Turkey 10-01-11

We had planned out our trip thoroughly, or so we thought. No sooner did I buy the non refundable airfare tickets online I found the other destination I had been searching for. I was googling on my phone and did not get a good result but when I tried it on the lap top sure enough it popped up. We did contemplate not going to this other destination but then thought, its just a few hours away by bus and who wants to spend 8 days on a gulet anyway. What's a gulet anyway? So, we took a short 1 hour flight and amazingly they even fed us, its nothing like the chintzy service provided by US airlines. Arrived at bodrum airport, which is in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness altlas jet provided a shuttle to the nearby bus station. From the otogar/ turkish for bus station, you can see the line of different bus companies and start at one end working your way down until you get the price and time acceptable to you. I thought they would all be the same, the first one wanted 75 lira pp but the 3rd one only wanted 40 lira pp and it left an hour earlier. We had just enough time to grab a cold soda before our journey. About 5 hours later we arrived in Denzili bus  station where we took a dolmus/mini bus to Pamukkale, they dropped us off about a block from the hotel it was great and only 3 lira pp.

We had just enough time to check in and head down to the restaurant before it closed.he hotel was charming and quaint, had a family feel to it like you were staying at your aunts guest house. They have a free car service to the travertines (cotton castle) and they even take you to the bus station as well.

 I asked for a room with a big bed and was delighted to find that even though it was a double one of the beds was huge-dibs on the big one I proclaimed. After all a big girl needs I big bed I justified my greed to myself.

 The rooms were spacious for once and clean as well as having a coffee/tea maker which is indeed a rare find. The hotel even put a handy map and attraction guide in the room so you can plan your stay. The hotels that had previously been literally right on top of the travertines have been torn down as this is now a world heritage site, but you could see the glowing white of the travertines in the distance. I wish I could stay another day to  have a mud/turkish bath and visit more ruins, next time I will surely plan on it.

We had just enough time to go down to the hotel restaurant before it closed. It was alfresco with seating either on the patio or deck overlooking the pool. At first I thought the price was a little steep, that is until the food came. Dinner was home cooking at is best and it was an all inclusive soup, salad, 3 veggies, bread and entree for about 15 usd pp.

Tomorrow the "cotton castles"

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