Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10-3-11 Fethiye, Turkey

After yet another long bus ride we finally arrived in Fethiye. We checked into our hotel at Club Turkuaz, which boasted it by the beach. There was in fact a shuttle to their private beach but we got there to late to go. The hotel also said there was a mini bus/dolmus every half hour into town. We took a short walk to the main road and waited, waited and waited some more. No bus that we could see so we went back to the hotel for dinner. Dinner was buffet style but it was rather boring , non descript and bland. Our room was clean and had free wifi but only local turkish TV channels so early to bed as tomorrow we set sail. I would say this hotel was to far from the city center and far from the beach and not worth staying there because of the inconvenient location.

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