Monday, August 29, 2011

8-29-11 Exploring Egypt like a local

Our Egyptian friends (brother and sister) came to pick us up at the hotel and take us exploring. We walked thru some lively streets, saw small tuk-tuks (motorized carts that hold 2-3 ppl) and took in the city lights. We decided to stop at an open air restaurant for dinner. I use the term restaurant loosely, It looked more like a street BBQ with tables set up around it, but our local friends claimed it was indeed a public restaurant that was popular. We ordered the kebab. shish taouk and chicken. Kebab is ground meat and spices on a stick (affectionately called turd on a stick), shish taouk is chunks of meat on a stick and the chicken was grilled/charred with spices. All of this was placed on a bed of greens and on top of that was a mound of potato chips then the meat was on top of that. This was served with side dishes of salad and some tahini sauce and bread and bottled water, followed by tea. I asked our friends if this was beef, they said yes. Rayan smiled and said yes also, after I ate it however he mentioned that their beef source was water buffalo and goat, they don't have many cows. If I would have known that I would not have tried it, but it was tasty just the color was a little on the grey side, like a turkey burger. Rayan also said the juicy hamburger at the hotel was water buffalo and well I devoured that in a new york minute so what can I say. After this we drove to the highest point of the city where there were patio tables places near the cliff and they had a guitar player and you could order soda, tea, coffee or a smoothie and smoke shisha and look out over the city lights of Cairo. It was very nice and relaxing and as we left I did see where they prepared our drinks, in a little makeshift hut with out running water albeit I didn't die from food poisoning didn't even get diarrhea. See the picture of me with our friends and the pensive look on my face, I wasn't sure about eating there.

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