Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8-29-11 City of the (Un) Dead, Cairo

While driving thru the streets of Cairo, we drove past a very high walled area. I asked my friends what sort of place was it. I also saw alot of people hanging out outside the walls and it was around 2am so I thought maybe it was some happening place. As it turns out it was one of 5 graveyards in the city. Now these are not your ordinary graveyards found in the US. These are literally cities built for the dead so they can continue in their afterlife. It also happens to be home for transients and homeless people seeking refuge. Cairo is a very densely populated city and these graveyard cities also seem to be as well. I was appalled at first, thinking that people have to live among gravestones and in mausoleums. Now after thinking it over it seems like a good idea if you have no where else to live but not the ideal choice after all.  I wanted to take a drive thru the city but was cautioned against it especially this late in the evening. There are however some guided tours during the day if you are really interested in going. I just keep thinking it would be a great place for the next Rob Zombie film but that wouldn't be very respectful. This truly is a city within a city-dead and Un dead alike... its a beautiful, sorrowful, scary place. So if your looking for an adventure I would determinately say explore this place. I was happy driving by it.

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