Monday, August 29, 2011

8-29-11 Getting a room

Exhausted from our long journey we were ready for a hot shower, some decent food and a comfy bed. Unfortunately, we did not pre book a hotel and thought we would be there early enough to find and apartment in Nasr City. We did drive around for a few hours, alot of people are awake to pray and eat before dawn. Most of the apartments were dirty, old and not secure looking even though Nasr City is supposed to be a nice area. There was even a lady that was kind enough to show us a few apartments but in the end she asked us for money. By this time it was about 4am and I was tired, cranky and hungry and we did look at one more place and I was ready to settle for it. When the manager came to talk with us about the price and he looked at our passports he asked if we were married and did we have proof. We said we were because it was a 3 bed 2 bath apartment but he would not rent it to us without proof.We thanked him for his time and I said take me to the nearest nice hotel. This really blew our budget but I was happy to pay it. It was rated 5 star but you know its not even that when your in another country. It was clean and they let us have an early check in so off we went to our deluxe rooms. Yes rooms, we had to get 2 because you can't share a room with a person of the opposite sex if your not married or immediate family. I immediately called room service and ordered a big juicy burger and fries with a coke zero, ahh off to sleep.Sonesta Resort & Casino- Cairo

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